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MICROSERVE is one of the leading providers of integrated security systems and information technology solutions. It specializes in IP-based security systems, access control systems, telephony services, wireless infrastructure and other IT services.

In 1995, MICROSERVE Co. W.L.L. was established with a clear and well defined objective to deliver sustainable excellence in business performance and practices through focusing on an innovative field of specialization to provide solutions that address our clients’ long-term business goals and needs.

In order to make MICROSERVE a trustworthy business partner in the country’s future development, we strive to provide a diverse range of products and services that are sourced from the international market and brought to the local market. With our strategic partnership with the security industry’s leading vendors and manufacturers globally, we provide a wide array of advanced and complex technologies and high-quality solutions.

At MICROSERVE, we have vast technical capabilities that allow us to secure our leadership position in IP-based products and services. As an industry leader in information technology, network security, and IP security systems, we are backed by a highly qualified and experienced team of engineers, technicians, and support personnel.

Over the years, we have made considerable investments in technical, commercial and human resources to guarantee our strategic objectives within the IP world-which virtually controls our lives through our finger tips, PC’s, laptops and smart devices. Living in a world with ever increasing security demands to protect lives, assets and the environment requires constantly finding effective solutions in order to meet these demands.

Security solutions are our mission, and we strive to provide the most robust solutions on the market. Bringing a collection of world-class vendors and solution providers to the local market demonstrates our commitment to delivering these solutions.

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