Foundation Stones

Foundation Stones

Our foundation stones define the way we run and grow MICROSERVE. They set out the services we wish to provide, our behaviors and the way we manage. They ensure we are all working from a base that can be applied in a consistent way across our organization. Our governing principles describe the behaviors we expect to see throughout our company. These are important as they help people understand why working for Microserve is different.

  • We foster an entrepreneurial culture.
  • Enable our people to excel.
  • Deliver our promises.
  • Build trust and respect.


The culture of our organization is driven by our core values which form the foundation stones of MICROSERVE. We promote our core values through our employees’ behaviors. It’s more than just words on a page that define our core values. These principles guide our interactions with coworkers, their families, clients, partners, and vendors.

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