Our foundation stones define the way we run and grow Microserve. They set out the services we wish to provide, our behaviors and the way we manage. They ensure we are all working from a base that can be applied in a consistent way across our organization. Our governing principles describe the behaviors we expect to see throughout our company. These are important as they help people understand why working for Microserve is different.

  • We foster an entrepreneurial culture.
  • Enable our people to excel.
  • Deliver our promises.
  • Build trust and respect.

Our Business :

The way we wish to build the business is , Long-term relationships in which there is opportunity for continuous improvement, organic growth and value creation.

Our Business Offering :

The services we wish to provide are business assured delivery of services, innovation and organizational change to help our clients in achieving their ambitions.

Our Organization :

Addresses the relationship between Group and Divisions and sets clear guidelines over who does what

  • Group focuses on setting the strategic direction for the group, maintaining the appropriate controls on the underlying business and providing a range of shared services.
  • Divisions focus on delivering the value and growth.

Our Operating Principles :

The principles by which we will manage the company

  • Having a simple and efficient organization.
  • Operates an effective governance framework.
  • Encourages strong and capable leaders.