LANCOM WLANmonitor can centrally monitor the status of a wireless network. It presents information about the entire network in general and detailed information about individual access points and clients. WLANmonitor is already within the scope of delivery provided with all LANCOM products.

The current version is always available for free in the download area.


LANmonitor is the ideal program for convenient and structured monitoring of networks. SNMP-trap controlled, it offers nearly real-time monitoring of all connections and device statuses.

Your free-of-charge Central Monitoring Tool is available for download here


LANCOM customers don’t just buy a product – they receive an all-round solution. An important part of this solution package is the free LANCOM Management System LCMS, the management software for all LANCOM routers, access points, and wireless LAN controllers. It offers an easy-to-use user interface for configuring and monitoring LANCOM devices in both local and remote networks. The software includes the three components LANconfig, LANCOM LANmonitor, and WLANmonitor.