The 2N® LiftIP is a unique product on the lift communication systems market. It is using VoIP technology for transmitting call from a lift cabin. Therefore, you can install it anywhere where an IP infrastructure is available. What’s more, installation requires no additional converters or other hardware. The 2N® LiftIP provides high quality transmission of sound and continuous online monitoring.


The 2N® Lift1 communication solution is designed for two-way emergency communication in the lift. Its typical use is in elevators where communication is required between the cabin and the control centre or machine room.


A highly modular lift communication system, where the two-wire bus makes the 2N® Lift8 readily installable in any lift context. This means that when it comes to providing for emergency lift communications you won’t have to trouble with putting in new cabling. 2N® Lift8 meets all the applicable EU standards.