The 2N® NetStar SW is a tool delivering an effective solution for company communication. It provides all the features of an IP branch exchange, virtual exchange, and intercom server, replacing traditional hardware exchanges. The 2N® NetStar SW only needs to be installed on your PC and you can start calling. As it uses computer networks, it does not require any special telephone cables.


2N® Contact Centre Solution is the ideal solution for a Contact Centre for SMEs, from 2 operators up. Thanks to this software application you can effectively resolve the distribution and monitoring of incoming calls. You will also get detailed statistics for assessing the efficacy of your Contact Centre operation and your operator workload.


With a 2N® OfficeRoute PBX you can effectively resolve the company’s entire voice and data communication agenda. You gain a mobile office, allowing you not only to make calls over VoIP, GSM or UMTS interfaces, but also to send analogue faxes. There are two options available: with UMTS/GSM or with GSM only.


2N® NetStar is the digital communication system designed to effectively address corporate communication needs. It supports all the interfaces for transmitting voice by phone, and thanks to the modularity of this PBX, can be configured exactly to your needs. In addition, advanced SW applications are available, and lots of other functions, from recording calls to building a Contact centre.