LANCOM WLC Basic Option

With the LANCOM WLC Basic Option, LANCOM routers without WLAN are upgraded with the functions of a WLAN controller. This option enables a single device to manage up to 12 access points or WLAN routers. Small networks in particular benefit from important and professional new functions, without the need for a separate WLAN controller. This minimizes the costs of the network solution and keeps the number of managed components to a minimum.

LANCOM WLC Upgrade Option

The WLC Upgrade Option enables you to increase the number of access points and WLAN routers that the controller is able to manage. This is a major advantage for growing networks: There is no need to purchase any additional hardware, and existing WLAN controllers are easily upgraded with additional device licenses.

LANCOM Content Filter Option

The LANCOM Content Filter provides an effective solution that protects networks from abuse, prevents the inappropriate use of bandwidth, and blocks malware downloads. Blocking undesirable and illegal Internet content protects business integrity and it minimizes liability risks at the same time.

LANCOM Public Spot PMS Accounting Plus

The LANCOM Public Spot PMS Accounting Plus Option simplifies guest authentication and the billing of fees for guest Internet access. The LANCOM Public Spot option is an add-on extra that installs on LANCOM devices. In combination with a property management system (PMS) such as Micros Opera, Fidelio Suite8, or Protel, it allows guests to login to and pay for guest Internet access. The LANCOM hotspot solution offers maximum flexibility in the design of tariff structures.

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The LANCOM OAP VPN Option upgrades the LANCOM OAP-8xx series with VPN functionality. This way, up to 5 secure IPSec VPN tunnels can be used for a safe remote management of the outdoor access points – especially ideal for providers and hotspot operators who want to manage their devices from a distance. In addition to that, a reliable WLAN can be established via a securely encrypted VPN tunnel to the headquarters – with an VPN encryption performance of up to 50 Mbps.


The LANCOM VPN Option increases the number of IPSec VPN tunnels available on a LANCOM device. This is a huge advantage where networks need to grow, because there is no need to purchase additional hardware: Existing VPN routers and gateways are simply upgraded with the LANCOM VPN Option and they continue to operate as before.

LANCOM High Availability Clustering Option

The option for high-availability scenarios

Group several WLAN controllers or central site VPN gateways to a high-availability cluster! With the LANCOM High Availability Clustering Options you can combine several devices to one cluster. As a consequence, there are many advantages like the central management and convenient configuration alignment (Config Sync) of all cluster devices. This is particularly beneficial for setting up intelligent backup scenarios since only one WLAN controller or central site VPN gateway has to be configured – an enormous time saver for administrators. Furthermore, you benefit from an automatic load balancing and the enrollment of cluster certificates.

LANCOM Public Spot Option

The LANCOM Public Spot Option provides reliable and secure Internet access for guests, visitors, partners or customers, all based on a common infrastructure. The guest network is at all times strictly and securely separated from the hotel’s internal network. There is no need for any additional hardware components, which makes the LANCOM Public Spot Option the optimal solution for the provision of secure hotspots.