Built-in Firewall to Have Safe Internet Surfing
PLANET ADN-4102 is a Wireless ADSL 2/2+ Router compliant with 802.11n and features 1T1R MIMO antenna technology. The ADN-4102’s built-in parental controls is to limit children’s online time – be it computing or gaming, thus creating a safer computing environment for children. In Annex M mode, the ADN-4102 provides transmission rates up to 24Mbps downstream and 3.5Mbps upstream with ADSL 2+ support. Through integration with single chipset to reduce boot time, the ADN-4102 brings more powerful performance to users. The ADN-4102 also supports PPPoA (RFC 2364 — PPP over ATM Adaptation Layer 5), RFC 2684 encapsulation over ATM (bridged or routed), PPP over Ethernet (RFC 2516), and IPoA (RFC1483) to establish a connection with ISP.
High-speed 802.11n Wireless Access
With built-in IEEE 802.11b/g and 802.11n wireless network capabilities, the ADN-4102 allows any computer and wireless-enabled network device to connect it without additional cabling. Smart phones also jump on the bandwagon of wireless networking. Its 802.11n wireless capability gives you a high-speed wireless transmission up to 150Mbps. With a compatible wireless LAN card installed in your PC, any file can be transferred at a very high speed. The radio coverage is also doubled than before, offering you the high-speed wireless connection, even in a spacious office or house.
One-touch Secure Wireless Connection
To secure the wireless communication, the ADN-4102 features the most up-to-date encryptions like WEP, WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK. The ADN-4102 also supports WPS configuration with PBC/PIN type for users to easily connect to a secured wireless network with no need of complicated settings.
4-in-1 (4 Multiple SSIDs) Wireless Networking Infrastructures
Up to four wireless networking with management can be established by the ADN-4102. This flexibility makes it the best choice for SOHO wireless networking in restaurants, hotels, bookstores and more.