Home Automation and Smart Home Control
PLANET HAC-1000 is a Z-Wave Home Automation Control Gateway that controls all Z-Wave wireless devices regardless of brands as they are based on the Z-Wave technology. Since most users would like to control their devices via the internet, the HAC-1000 is required to turn your home into a smart and secure one where lighting control, window blinds, security monitoring, door locks, thermostats, emergency monitoring, energy management, visual reporting, and more can be managed from anywhere, whether you are at home or office, or somewhere on the road, with smart phones, tablets or other mobile devices.
Real-time Monitoring
IP cameras can be linked to PLANET HAC-1000 and Cloud Home app for remote monitoring. Users can keep an eye on their home on mobile phones over a secure connection to the Home Automation Control Gateway.
Lighting Control
Users can choose the most comfortable lighting brightness for the perfect atmosphere. They can also choose the right time to turn the light on for comfort, or to warn and prevent burglars from intruding the premises.
Personal Scene Mode
In the “Scene” mode you can set everything you want in every room of your home for any activity or anything in-between from morning to night. An unlimited number of scenes can be created and customized to your personal preferences.
Energy and Cost Saving on Every Room
You can also check the current energy consumption in your home within the configuration interface of the HAC-1000. Manage these energy-saving devices such as power meter switches, power switches and dimmer switches to help you reduce energy consumption and thus save expenses on utilities.
Important Alerts
Alerts like use of electricity, home alarms and more can be brought to your notice without delays by way of cloud hosting. From now on, you can have all these alerts no matter where you are, making your home a smart and secure one.