Turn your home or office powerline network into a 14Mbps Local Area Network by using PLANET PL-104U powerline communication product. Your power outlets are no longer regarded only as power receptacles of network connection point. Powerline is the most pervasive medium with multiple outlets in every room. Simply by plugging the USB interfaces of your computer into the PL-104U equipped power outlet, you are allowed to place a computer anywhere at home or small office with flawless and seamless high-speed network connection.

The PL-104U is a Powerline USB network adapter with an USB type B connector for directly connecting to computer’s USB port. It provides a power plug for directly connecting to wall outlet. Security of PLANET’s Powerline communication technology is ensured by using 56-bit DES encryption — the same system frequently used to protect banking systems all over the world, and is interference-free to avoid the problems of wireless systems.