Planet DTR-100D is a DVB-T Digital TV receiver that offers a complete and cost effective solution for Digital TV broadcasting.

Planet DTR-100D connects Digital TV with your computer / notebook. the DTR-100D not only allows you to watch Free-To-Air digital terrestrial television channels with no subscription to pay but can also record real time digital TV programs directly to the hard disk on your computer / notebook.

With its fascinating features, the DTR-100D provides multi-channel preview, real-time digital video recording (DVR), image capturing, and schedule recording which records your favorite TV programs. In addition, it incorporates a MPEG-2 software decoder which delivers a picture quality of HDTV standard and enables a high quality playback of the recordings. The DTR-100D also can deliver Electronic Program Guide (EPG) which offers you more information about the TV programs. You can pause while watching TV program and continue from where you left with Time-Shifting feature, and will never miss a scene.

The supplied remote controller provides you easy access to the key functions of the DVB-T receiver, so you don’t always have to be seated next to your computer.

With the pocket-sized digital TV receiver connecting with a computer / notebook, you can watch digital TV shows anywhere, anytime and turn your computer / notebook into a personal mobile TV entertainment system.