The GV-NAS System is a Linux-based, network-attached storage device designed to store GV-IP Camera recordings. The GV-NAS System features RAID to ensure data security, rendering data recovery possible. Allowing access from multiple users over multiple platforms (mobile devices and desktop), user accessibility is customizable, keeping your data accessible and secure at the same time. Management over a mass number of GV-IP Cameras is made easy with GV-Edge Recording Manager, which provides an integrated interface where you can assign recordings to the designated folder in GV-NAS Systems.
Available package
You can choose to purchase a GV-NAS System package or a bundled package which also includes 4 GV-Target IP Camera of your choice and a GV-PoE switch. More details, please see “Packing List” tab.
GV-NAS System Single Package Bundled Package for GV-NAS2008
Reasons to choose GV-NAS System