Planet VoIP Gateway SKG-300 offers the seamless integration of traditional and IP-based telephony, allowing any standard home phone to turn into a dual function PSTN and Skype handset. Just pick up the standard home phone and press the hot key to enable user to call anyone no matter the receiver is using PSTN or Skype.

The SKG-300 also provides Incoming Call Forwarding feature, that is, an easy configuration that allows user to forward the incoming calls to the specific Skype account or PSTN call. Without many technical details, consumers can enjoy the SKG-300’s unparalleled functionality such as three-way conference calling between PSTN and Skype callers and automatic switching between analog and digital sessions.

It has never been so easy to take advantage of VoIP benefits which provide consumers with the most straightforward mechanism for placing high-quality, and competitively-priced voice over IP calls. Just requiring a simple installation and configuration, Planet VoIP Gateway SKG-300 will be the ideal for both residential telephony and the mobile computing.