Combining cutting edge Internet telephony and router manufacturing experience, PLANET proudly introduces the latest member of the PLANET VoIP gateway family: the VIP-462DG.

To bring the most satisfaction to customers, the VIP-462DG, not only provides high quality voice communications, wired/wireless Internet sharing capabilities, but also offers DECT interface for daily wireless telephony communications. With advanced router/firewall and VoIP DSP processor technology, the VIP-462DG is able to make calls via SIP proxy voice communications, plus the IP sharing, QoS, and the SPI firewall mechanism. The VIP-462DG is the ideal choice for Voice over IP communications and integrated Internet sharing for the daily tasks. To bring the users the most flexibility of the add-on RJ-11 interface for PSTN connection, users not only can make the daily PSTN communication, but also enjoy the convenience brought by VoIP communications.

With built-in DECT & GAP compatible base, up to 5 DECT handset can be registered on the VIP-462DG. The pan European users can benefit from the DECT interface, and voice communications can be established from everywhere in the living space. PLANET VIP-462DG comes with an intuitive, user-friendly, yet powerful web management interface, no expertise required for the VoIP communications.