AirLancer Adapter NP-NP

The AirLancer Adapter NP-NP for outdoor deployment has two N-Plugs and enables the connection of external LANCOM outdoor antennas to Outdoor Access Points and Outdoor Routers.

For outdoor usage of routers and access points LANCOM recommends the installation of a surge protection device. LANCOM AirLancer Extender SA-5L. In this case the AirLancer Adapter NP-NP has to be installed between the router / access point and the surge protector.

AirLancer Cable NJ-NP

Wi-Fi installations in the outdoor sector often require a longer distance between access point and external antenna; e.g. to ensure a free antenna line between sender and recipient. With the coaxial cable AirLancer Cable NJ-NP a bridging distance of up to 9 meters is possible. Thanks to excellent attenuation values, the outdoor cable supports the signal gain of the external antenna

LANCOM OAP-320 Ethernet Cable

This 30m-long LANCOM OAP320 Ethernet cable reliably connects outdoor access points to the network. The cable has a waterproof connector that enables PoE-enabled access points to be reliably powered by a PoE switch, even far away from the nearest power outlet—without any loss of performance. The UV-resistant coating protects the cable from weathering.


Where no 10-28V power supply is available, the LANCOM OAP-320 PSU makes an easy installation of LANCOM OAP-3G and LANCOM OAP-321-3G possible. The power supply kit consists of an 24 V power unit in an outdoor IP66 housing and weather-proof cables. A practical wall mount is integrated in the housing.

LANCOM GE PoE+ Injector

The LANCOM GE PoE+ Injector offers compelling flexibility and performance: The ability to power access points up to 100m away facilitates a flexible positioning of the access points for perfect signal coverage. What’s more, the PoE+ standard IEEE 802.3at allows even high-power devices to operate without any loss of performance. The cost-effective solution for companies requiring PoE-enabled networks.

AirLancer SN-LAN

Protection from overvoltages is an essential aspect for trouble-free network operation, as power surges from lightning strikes regularly cause costly damage to network infrastructures. The AirLancer SN-LAN is a surge arrestor that reliably protects the network from power surges and the associated damage. PoE compatibility to IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at along with its RJ45 connectors minimizes the effort required for installation.

AirLancer SN-ANT

Protecting components from the consequences of lightning strikes and other electrostatic influences is a vital aspect in the design and installation of WLAN systems for outdoor use. The AirLancer SN-ANT is required for all outdoor installations with a LANCOM outdoor WLAN antenna (ON). The AirLancer SN-ANT is installed between the access point and the antenna. It reduces the current surges that can occur even if outdoor lightning-protection equipment is installed, as even partial discharges are capable of damaging the sensitive WLAN modules in access points.


The adapter cable AirLancer AN-RPSMA-NJ gives you the flexibility to use LANCOM outdoor WLAN antennas (ON) in combination with indoor access points. It connects the antenna to the indoor access point, either directly or via an extension cable, optionally with an additional AirLancer SN-ANT lightning protection adapter. One AirLancer AN-RPSMA-NJ is required for each connected antenna.

AirLancer Mount (ON)

The AirLancer Mount (ON) is a sturdy wall or pole mount for installing the LANCOM outdoor WLAN antennas AirLancer ON-T90ag or AirLancer ON-T60ag. Offering a variety of mounting options, it is ideal for securely fixing the antennas on walls or poles, whatever the local conditions. It also features a tilt mechanism for a precise alignment of the WLAN antennas

AirLancer Extender I-60ag

The directional antenna AirLancer I-60ag is the ideal solution for improved wireless LAN coverage within buildings. WLAN signals are often weakened by ceilings, walls, or other sources of interference, which can seriously impact the reliability of communications. This indoor antenna, on the other hand, amplifies the WLAN signal in one direction and significantly extends the range. The stability of WLAN connections to clients is improved and communications are more dependable.