IP CCTV Systems are one of the most powerful security tools a business can own and with the technology available today,this essential tool can protect people, property and information in any type of location large or small ,from single office to entire city.

Better Camera performance and Image Quality. IP camera offer especially high detail precision with megapixel resolution,giving the possibility to run different application like face recognition ,motion detection ,intruder alarms and others.

Better Value.IP Systems can provide images with high resolution than traditional analogue solutions and possibility to access everything all over the network.

Greater Flexibility and Scalability . it does not require local recording, they can transmit their images across  local networks,the internet  and Wide area network to a center location, where they can be recorded ,viewed and managed ,IP CCTV Systems are built in a advance technology that makes expansion ,or resizing of the system much easier .

Easy System Installation,it run over existing IP networks,wired or wireless, this make IP CCTV system simple,causing less disruption,reducing time required to install them and minimizing unsightly cables ,By the use of POE on IP camera and networks then separate power cable is not needed,they can be powered via network cable.

Better System Integrations.it communicate using IP, allowing them to integrate and co-exit on same network/cabling as other IP systems, such as Access Control, IP Phone system,Barrier system and other.

Our IP CCTV System offers more innovative and better performance for any household and size of business for added security.



IP Telephone is a technology that uses the IP protocol to exchange voice, fax, and other types of information that were previously only transmitted over the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

IP PBX systems are much easier to install and configure than proprietary phone systems, and they don’t limit the number of phones or users. The IP PBX system employs data across the internet, VOIP communication, and traditional telephone communication, converging them into a single line for each user. This scalable and flexible infrastructure makes it easier for companies to easily grow (or scale back) and reduce various operational costs. Traditional telephone system services cost much less than IP telephone system services.

Integration of IP Video telephone with PC system enables video telephone, video conferencing, integration with CRM software, VPM enables the use of phone extensions outside of the office, and more based GUI interface makes the phone system easier to manage, cutting down on training time and facilitating increased worker productivity.

Other applications serve as terminals for other applications which otherwise would require their own systems. This includes, but is not limited to: video surveillance and security systems; lighting control terminals; air conditioning and heating control terminals; and more.

Computer-based IP PBX systems let you integrate your phone function with various business applications, allowing for more streamlined operations.

We can offer a cost-effective, easy-to-install, and simple-to-use solution that can convert standard telephones into IP-based networks.



IP Intercoms are based on the SIP protocol and enable mutual voice and video transfer, call transfer, and interoperability with other IP devices in the network. Intercoms are easy to install and connect to the already existing IP network or IP PBX. It offers great flexibility and better performance.

Intercoms’ primary function is to control access to the building or office and connect visitors with people inside. The design sends a message about your company to visitors; it contributes to your company’s image and, in an ideal case, should correspond to your company’s identity.

The IP Intercom System is integrated with IP CCTV systems, access control, gate barriers, IP Telephony, IP Telephony, parking management systems, and other systems that offer a high level of security. An intercom is a device that has to be resistant to the toughest conditions outside the building it protects, is completely functional in all circumstances, and is easy to use. Furthermore, it has to provide the highest possible security at the entrance to your facility.

Whether you need an audio or video intercom for an office or residential building, indoors or outdoors, we have an appropriate solution for you.



The access control systems are designed to scale from a single physical location to a large project with multiple physical locations, a centralized database, and WAN control. The access control system designs are varied, starting from cards and tags and finishing with bio-metrics, face detection, iris scan, and fingerprint reading.

The access control system should be designed to be integrated with other security systems installed at the perimeter, offering the possibility for the operators to easily locate and identify any breach in the perimeter.

The Access Control System provides all the insurance that your belongings are kept in a safe place. By integrating the system with CCTV, users are able to keep images of the people who are accessing the entry/exit. The integration with the BMS and live alarm facility is such an easy way to evaluate the building and manage any crisis situation.

Our IP access control solution is suitable for small businesses and big corporations with facilities.



Microserve recognizes that technology moves fast. We focus on helping your business stay up to date with the latest IT solutions. We specialize in designing, implementing, and managing technology, communication, and security solutions for businesses of all sizes. Whether SMBs, large enterprises, or government requirements, our integrated team of technical and support engineers can tailor a solution that delivers the most effective results for your business.

Our range of products covers your entire requirement for WAN, LAN, and wireless. We continue to forge alliances and strategic partnerships with quality vendors and will further develop to ensure that our clients’ requirements are met.



Our consultancy service focuses on working closely with clients’ needs so that we can recommend how to utilize information technology services to get the best result. In addition to providing advice, we scope, project-manage, deploy, administer, and support these services.

Our experience and technical knowledge, together with our partners, allow us to design, implement, and support networks and systems from the most basic to the most advanced. We commit to meeting customer expectations and requirements on time and within budget in order to provide them with the most up-to-date solution available in the ever-changing high-tech industry.



Licence Plate Recognition System is a effective and low-maintenance solution to ensure the security of the parking lots,which are prone to crime due to isolated and unsatisfied corners. In addition to providing high-resolution video monitoring and recording,the LPR system detects and Recognizes vehicles licence plates upon motion or I/O trigger.

LPR system is powerful addition to any security and parking application .Benefits includes a significant and positive impact on operational efficiency ,limiting corporate liability,improved costumer service ,increased productivity and accuracy,enhanced facility security and ability to automate billing process.

LPR system essentially combine a specialized plate reading camera with highly advanced software to automatically identify vehicles licence plates in a variety  of mobile and fixed installations.The management software then takes over by matching incoming licence plate read against a list of vehicle on the database.

LPR system can combine with IP CCTV surveillance,access control,parking management and gate barrier system for much innovative security system.