PLANET IAD-200 ADSL 2/2+ VoIP Router and IAD-200W 802.11g Wireless ADSL 2/2+ VoIP Router provide ISP or residential home users with the ideal solution to sharing a high-speed ADSL 2/2+ broadband Internet connection on a 54Mbps wireless network (IAD-200W) and a 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet backbone, and also with the capability of making calls through Internet. They can support downstream transmission rate up to 24Mbps and upstream transmission rate up to 3.5Mbps. These products support PPPoA (RFC 2364 – PPP over ATM Adaptation Layer 5), RFC 1483 encapsulation over ATM (bridged or routed), PPP over Ethernet (RFC 2516), and IPoA (RFC1577) to establish a connection with ISP.

Via the user-friendly management interface, the IAD-200/200W can be managed by workstations running standard web browsers. Furthermore, both of them provide DHCP server support, virtual server, DMZ support, VPN PPTP/IPSec pass-through, and URL filtering capability.

The IAD-200/200W also serves as an Internet firewall to protect your network from being accessed by outside users. It not only provides the natural firewall function (Network Address Translation, NAT), but also provides rich firewall features to secure a user’s network. All incoming data packets are monitored and filtered. Besides, the FXS interface and SIP (RFC3261) protocol offer the capability of makinga call in a cost-effective way, either through Internet or local phone system.


Built-in Firewall to Have Safe Internet Surfing
PLANET ADN-4102 is a Wireless ADSL 2/2+ Router compliant with 802.11n and features 1T1R MIMO antenna technology. The ADN-4102’s built-in parental controls is to limit children’s online time – be it computing or gaming, thus creating a safer computing environment for children. In Annex M mode, the ADN-4102 provides transmission rates up to 24Mbps downstream and 3.5Mbps upstream with ADSL 2+ support. Through integration with single chipset to reduce boot time, the ADN-4102 brings more powerful performance to users. The ADN-4102 also supports PPPoA (RFC 2364 — PPP over ATM Adaptation Layer 5), RFC 2684 encapsulation over ATM (bridged or routed), PPP over Ethernet (RFC 2516), and IPoA (RFC1483) to establish a connection with ISP.
High-speed 802.11n Wireless Access
With built-in IEEE 802.11b/g and 802.11n wireless network capabilities, the ADN-4102 allows any computer and wireless-enabled network device to connect it without additional cabling. Smart phones also jump on the bandwagon of wireless networking. Its 802.11n wireless capability gives you a high-speed wireless transmission up to 150Mbps. With a compatible wireless LAN card installed in your PC, any file can be transferred at a very high speed. The radio coverage is also doubled than before, offering you the high-speed wireless connection, even in a spacious office or house.
One-touch Secure Wireless Connection
To secure the wireless communication, the ADN-4102 features the most up-to-date encryptions like WEP, WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK. The ADN-4102 also supports WPS configuration with PBC/PIN type for users to easily connect to a secured wireless network with no need of complicated settings.
4-in-1 (4 Multiple SSIDs) Wireless Networking Infrastructures
Up to four wireless networking with management can be established by the ADN-4102. This flexibility makes it the best choice for SOHO wireless networking in restaurants, hotels, bookstores and more.