As Internet becomes essential for business, the crucial solution to prevent your Internet connection from failure is to have more than one connection. PLANET SG-4800 is a Gigabit SSL VPN Security Router ideal to help the SMBs increase the broadband network performance and reduce the risks of potential shutdown if one of the Internet connections fails. The SG-4800 can monitor each WAN link status and automatically activate backup links when a failure is detected. The detection is based on the configurable target Internet addresses.
Network Efficiency Improvement with Load-Balancing
The SG-4800 allows you to perform load-balancing by distributing the traffic through three or four WAN connections. In Outbound Load Balancing, the network sessions are assigned based on the user configurable load balancing mode, including “Auto Load Balance”, “Unbinding WAN Balance” and “Strategy Routing”. Users can also configure which IP or TCP / UDP type of traffic use for WAN port to connect. The Inbound Load Balancing is for enterprise’s internal server to reduce the server loading and the risks of system crash so that the SG-4800 helps to improve the server working efficiency.
Strong Protection for Network Security
In addition to providing Multi-Homing functions, the SG-4800 Gigabit SSL VPN Security Router integrates a complete security solution in one box. It provides the policy-based firewall, content filtering function and VPN connectivity including SSL, IPSec, and PPTP VPN. The SSL VPN function supports up to 60 SSL VPN connection tunnels. The IPSec VPN feature provides 3DES and AES encryptions to make it a perfect product for your network security. By applying the SG-4800, there is no need of integrating different security products on the network and worrying about complicated connections and settings.
QoS Bandwidth Management
Besides offering easy yet powerful bandwidth management functions, the SG-4800 features Smart QoS with dynamic bandwidth management to automatically control P2P, video downloading and other bandwidth hogging in order to avoid bandwidth insufficiency. It helps the network administrators better allocate network resources based on business priorities, as well as to shape and control bandwidth usage by prioritizing different persons/groups or applications.
Easy Remote Management
The SG-4800 provides embedded Mirror Port to connect with the monitoring devices for online behavior monitoring. It also supports secure remote management via web browser with protection of user authentication.