CMS Server

CMS Server is a Content Management System server that allows you to upload media files, scrolling tickers, RSS feeds or firmware to up to 1000 digital signage devices using a Web interface. You can also look up records and analysis of users and device activities.

CMS Lite

The CMS Lite is Content Management System, allowing you to remotely upload slideshows, media files, scrolling tickers or firmware to multiple SQP110 series, SQP133, PN300 or PN400 devices.

SQP110 Series

SQP110 series (Square Plastic 110 series) is a dynamic digital signage with an 11-inch monitor. It is designed to display slideshows made of images and videos. This device is built in an USB port and a SD card slot for connection to storage devices used for storing slideshow files. SQP110 series can be used for any application that requires showing information and messages, such as advertising.

SQP110 series comes in two models, SQP110T with a touchscreen and SQP110P with a non-touch screen. With the touchscreen, users can interactively access the information displayed on the screen. The device is available in black or white color.

SQP110 series support content management system CMS Server and CMS Lite for remote slideshows and firmware upgrade. An additional USB to RJ-45 cable is required to allow the SQP110 series connect to the network.

Compatible Firmware and Software Versions
CMS Server / CMS Lite V1.0.3.0 N/A
CMS Server / CMS Lite V1.0.2.0 or earlier V1.0.3.0 or earlier


The PN400 is a digital media player designed to deliver uninterrupted playback of Digital Signage presentations. It supports not only the playback of a HDMI-compliant source device, such as a DVD player and digital TV Box, but also the multimedia playback up to 4K2K. IR remote control and USB mouse control are available for simple operation.

Compatible Firmware and Software Versions
CMS Server / CMS Lite V1.0.5.0 V1.00
CMS Server / CMS Lite V1.0.4.0 N/A
CMS Server / CMS Lite V1.0.3.0 N/A
CMS Server / CMS Lite V1.0.2.0 or earlier N/A
Content Designer V1.0.7.0 V1.00
Content Designer V1.0.5.0 / V1.0.6.0 N/A
Content Designer V1.0.4.0 or earlier N/A
Content Schedule V1.0.4.0 or later V1.00