GV-Mobile Server

GV-Mobile Server compresses IP videos from various hosts to D1 or VGA, or keeps the original resolution, and sends them to multiple clients for live viewing, reducing the CPU loading and bandwidth usage of IP video devices. GV-Mobile Server can receive up to 64 channels of live view from hosts including GV-IP devices, 3rd party IP devices, GV-VMS / DVR / NVR, GV-Recording Server, and GV-Video Gateway. Users can establish up to 4 matrix channels on GV-Mobile Server, each consisting of 36 cameras. Clients can access the live view from GV-Mobile Server using GV-Pad, GV-IP Decoder Box Series, GV-Eye for iOS and Android, 3rd party surveillance software through RTSP protocol or Non-IE browsers.


Through GV-Mobile Server, the clients can:

• To encode channels from GV-System / GV-VMS, install GV-Mobile Server on the same computer as GV-System / GV-VMS.

1. GV-System only supports up to 32 channels.
2. GV-VMS does not support analog cameras.

• With a GV-USB Dongle, the GV-Mobile Server can be installed in any remote server. It can directly encode IP channels from GeoVision and third-party IP devices through ONVIF and PSIA protocols, as well as those from GV-Recording Server / GV-Video Gateway.

GV-Video Gateway

The GV-Video Gateway is a video streaming server designed for large-scale video surveillance deployments. It can receive up to 128 IP cameras from various IP video devices. In addition, it can simultaneously distribute up to 300 channels to its clients which include GV-System (DVR/NVR system), GV-VMS (video management system), GV-GIS (geographic information system), GV-Mobile Server, GV-Control Center (central monitoring system), and Multi View (viewing software) and GV-Edge Recording Manager (multi view software). GV-Video Gateway can also send text notifications to one GV-VSM (Vital Sign Monitor) when alert conditions occur. Using the GV-Video Gateway, the desired frame rates can be reached while the CPU loading and the bandwidth usage of IP video devices are significantly reduced.

In some areas or countries, you may like to install 3G wireless Internet module (e.g. GPRS/UMTS) on the GV-Video Server or GV-Compact DVR but have the problem to obtain a public IP address from ISP. The Passive connection method of GV-Video Gateway can solve the public IP issue by accepting the connection request from the GV-Video Server or GV-Compact DVR, and then distribute the video streaming to clients.

It is also possible to view single-channel live images on the GV-Video Gateway server or multiple-channel live images on any PC through the GV-Video Gateway’s Web interface.

GV-Video Wall

With GV-Control Center, you can remotely configure and manage up to 200 Video Walls, each with a different layout. A video wall is an establishment of multiple monitors on a server, which is a PC installed with multiple graphic cards. Depending on the incoming IP sources, you can display actual-size images on the Video Wall.

GV-Vital Sign Monitor

The GV-Vital Sign Monitor is event-alert text messages service recommended for a large cluster of networked GV-System / GV-VMS where an enormous amount of maintenance service is required. When any online GV-System / GV-VMS is event-triggered, instant text messages will be sent to GV-Vital Sign Monitor for IT operator to proceed with maintenance on the GV-System / GV-VMS cluster. Following the receipt of the messages, the GV-Vital Sign Monitor can activate alarms to the operator’s attention while sending emails and SMS alerts to local subscribers. The purpose of adopting GV-Vital Sign Monitor is to help IT operators easily notice GV-System / GV-VMS health status and response instantly to various frequent events. It can co-work with GV-Center V2 Server and serve as many as 1,000 GV-System / GV-VMS simultaneously.

Time effective
Cost effective
Simplify maintenance procedure
Low bandwidth requirements
Text message only

GV-Dispatch Server

The GV-Dispatch Server is a computer with Dispatch software that works with GV-Center V2 servers and the GV-System / GV-VMS. The GV-Dispatch Server connects 25,000 GV-System / GV-VMS to 50 GV-Center V2 Pro servers and distributes the workload between online and offline GV-Center V2 servers. It utilizes load-balancing technique that distributes requests from event-triggered GV-System / GV-VMS evenly across a GV-Center V2 network. If one GV-Center V2 server starts to get swamped, the GV-Dispatch Server forwards requests to another GV-Center V2 server with more capacity. When one GV-Center V2 server fails to work, another can take over in the processing activity.

Important for large GV-Center V2 server farm: It is difficult to predict the number of requests from multiple GV-System / GV-VMS to a server
Suitable for businesses or franchise stores: usually accompanied with a large cluster of networked GV-System / GV-VMS in use and an enormous amount of surveillance service required
Streamlines networking processes: no single server will be overwhelmed from GV-System / GV-VMS to GV-Center V2 servers

GV-Center V2

While GV-Center V2 Pro is a professional version for a large central monitoring network such as alarm services companies or chain stores, GV-Center V2 is a standard version that comes with the installation CD of GV-Series software free of charge. It is suitable for a smaller security monitoring network for residential environment. The GV-Center V2 has all the same good features with GV-Center V2 Pro.

GV-Center V2
Manages 5 GV-System / GV-VMS and receives images from max. 160 channels
Suitable for a smaller security monitoring network, e.g. residential environment
Free software
Economical and standard
GV-Center V2 Pro
Manages 500 GV-System / GV-VMS and receives images from max. 800 channels
Suitable for a large CMS network, e.g. alarm services, chain stores
Paid software
Value added and professional

GV-Center V2 Pro

The GV-Center V2 Pro is a professional version of Central Monitoring Station (CMS) software that can be installed in a CMS server. It brings multiple GeoVision GV-System / GV-VMS together into an integrated interface, allowing the operator to manage several systems from one point of control. The GV-Center V2 Pro can manage 500 GV-System / GV-VMS and receive video images from maximal 800 channels to its monitoring screen. On an alert condition, the GV-Center V2 Pro receives live images or event messages with attached video clips to correlate evidence of activity and instantly brings operator’s attention.

Uses GV-Center V2 Pro software on current GV-System / GV-VMS
Saves cost compared to traditional matrix systems or alarm monitoring services
Flexible control and management to 500 GV-System / GV-VMS
Helps security operator verify the nature of the alarm on the spot
Fast to handle alert notifications
Relatively small manpower requirements
Raises the effectiveness of security personnel by bringing potential threats to their attention
Effectively reduces false alarms
Prescription for business security
Panic-button support offers effective crime prevention for convenience store, gas station, and restaurant security
Strong Authentication with enhanced network security
Utilized RSA encryption to protect the data security

GV-Control Center

The GV-Control Center is integrated security management software that provides a handy tool to maintain central monitoring station. GV-Control Center is a comprehensive solution for central operators to efficiently control GV-System (GV-DVR/NVR), GV-VMS, GV-Recording Server and I/O devices. With GV-Control Center, multiple GeoVision surveillance and video management systems can be managed and maintained efficiently to enhance their monitoring performance and ensure smooth operation.

GV-CMS (Central Monitoring Station System)

The GeoVision Central Monitoring Station program provides an overall central monitoring solution for high-profile security areas in commercial, industrial and residential use markets. Imagine how a security service center can utilize GeoVision Central Monitoring Station solution to manage its heavy task of DVR monitoring and surveillance in a casino for example. Numerous GV Surveillance Systems may be connected with hundreds of thousands of cameras and integrated with IR sensors, motion sensors, fire detectors, alarms, and POS systems. The complete and powerful network structure of the Central Monitoring Station will effectively reduce false alarms and efficiently dispatch the security guards to any gaming areas and the surroundings to relieve alerts.

Features Center V2 Center V2 Pro Dispatch Server VSM
Maximum # of Subscribers 5 500 25,000 1,000
Maximum # of Channels 160 800 400,000
Maximum # of Sensors / Alarms 720 / 720 72,000 / 72,000 3,600,000 / 3,600,000 144,000 / 144,000
Real-Time Audio Monitoring Yes Yes Yes No
I/O Control Yes Yes No Yes
Remote I/O Control Yes Yes No Yes
Remote PTZ Control Yes Yes Yes No
Auto Recording Yes Yes No No
Connection Lost Detection Yes Yes Yes
Auto Connection Lost Recovery Yes Yes Yes Yes
Auto Login Yes Yes Yes Yes
Event Log Yes Yes Yes Yes
Event Message Yes Yes Yes Yes
Event List Viewer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Event List Filter Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dual Monitor Support Yes Yes No No
Network Load Support No No Yes No
Control of GV-Joystick Yes Yes Yes No
Backup to CD/DVD Yes Yes Yes Yes
Alarm Reports of Events Yes Yes No Yes
Notification Setting Yes Yes No Yes
Notification of SMS Alerts Yes Yes Yes Yes
Notification of E-mail Alerts Yes Yes Yes Yes
Notification of E-Map Alerts Yes Yes No Yes
Support for Mega Pixel Resolution Yes Yes No No
Group Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bandwidth 25M bps 25M bps 1M bps 4M bps
Record Mode Live, Attachment, Both Live, Attachment, Both No No
Live Subscriber Status No No No Yes
Time Synchronization Yes Yes No Yes
Keep Day Notification No No No Yes
I/O Device Support Yes Yes No Yes
Subscriber storage Info. No No No Yes