aNVR aNVR Viewer

Live NVR views from Android Mobile Devices
The aNVR Viewer allows users to access PLANET standalone NVRs and the PC-based CV3P software remotely from Android mobile devices. The app allows users to remotely view the IP camera’s live video by accessing the NVRs on the network. Users can also perform playback, search event recording as well as functions such as digital zoom and taking a snapshot of the video.
NVR Auto Search
The app can automatically find the available NVRs on the local network for quick and easy access.
Playback Search
The app can quickly display recordings from the connected NVR in a simple list view. It can also list “event” only recordings for playback.
Live and Playback
You can view live or playback video on your idevices everywhere at all times. In addition to taking a snapshot of the video, the app also performs PTZ by tapping on the screen to move and pinch to zoom.