1080p HD Analog Camera
PLANET CAM-AHD325 camera is a high-resolution analog camera and able to work with AHD DVR for different applications. Users can easily upgrade their surveillance system in the existing coaxial infrastructure without having to overhaul it. Besides, the camera supports TVI/CVI/CVBS mode and the camera can comply with different DVRs like TVI or CVI DVR. Through the OSD control button, user is able to set up AHD/TVI/CVI/CVBS mode easily.
With Sony CMOS sensor and IR illuminators, the camera provides high-quality image under all lighting conditions. Besides, the CAM-AHD325 provides some significant features such as OSD control button, long-distance transmission and image quality enhancement. With these features, the camera brings us more efficiency and flexibility. The weatherproof housing protects the camera body against rain and dust, and ensures operation under extreme weather conditions, which makes it an ideal solution for indoor or outdoor applications, e.g., chain stores, communities, campuses, parking areas, garages, roads and public transportations.
Easy Adjustment via OSD
The CAM-AHD325 is equipped with an OSD (on-screen display) control button. The OSD of the device is easily accessible via a simple control attached to the power and video cord. The benefits of an OSD are that it provides a simple, efficient, and easily understandable way to change the various settings of the camera.
Image Quality Enhancement
Together with powerful image processing attributes like Wide Dynamic Range and Digital Noise Reduction technology, the camera is able to filter the intense backlight surrounding a subject and remove noises from video signal. The result is that an extremely clear and exquisite picture quality can be produced even under any challenging lighting conditions.
Day & Night Functionality
To adapt to constantly changing lighting conditions, the CAM-AHD325 comes with a Sony sensor and 36 built-in IR illuminators, which enable the camera to provide color video when there is sufficient light, and black/white video in dark conditions. The camera is able to maintain clear images 24 hours a day.
IP66-rated Housing for Indoor and Outdoor Purposes
With the IP66-rated housing, the CAM-AHD325 is suitable for use in all weather conditions, be it rainy or dusty. No matter how extreme the weather is, it is able to operate as stably as possible. The CAM-AHD325 is indisputably the top choice for reliable and high-performance surveillance.
Long-distance Transmission
Based on the AHD technology, the video data of the CAM-AHD325 can be transmitted via a coaxial cable at the distance of up to 500 meters without any latency and losses.