Equipped with the parallel printing interfaces, the FPS-1101 makes your printer available to be shared in the most popular network environment.

With the embedded web server, the FPS-1101 is configurable through your network PC’s web browser. Moreover, PLANET also provides a utility of management for Microsoft Windows systems. With various network printing methods including Windows Peer-to-Peer printing, NetWare and Windows server based queues printing, LPR printing, Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) and AppleTalk for Macintosh, the FPS-1101 can be applied to any network easily.

With auto-MDI/MDI-X function, users do not need to be concerned about the cable type while they connect to different LAN devices. It is capable to detect the signal and to change its transfer/receive order on the cable automatically. Moreover, the FPS-1101 LAN port can auto-sense and adjust the current network speed, thus eliminating the requirements for manually switching.