Shear Aligning Electromagnetic Lock

Hidden Strength at Any Angle with Its Flexible Mounting Options Solutions

GEM shear locks offer totally concealed mechanism and are designed for applications where the door swings up to a 180 degree. When the shear lock detects the door in the closed position, the magnet “sucks” the armature plate up and traps the armature plate in the lock frame. Generally a 2 -3 mm gap between the top of the door and the frame is optimum for the electromagnet to attract the armature plate and keep the door locked.

The special “locking tabs” on both the magnet and the armature assembly are used for proper lateral alignment and adjustment. The armature screws can be vertically adjusted to compensate for wide door gaps. The optional bond sensor indicates proper armature contact, and eliminates potential lock misalignment before the magnet is permitted to energize.