GV-BX2600 is a brand-new model of Box Camera series. It comes with a sensor featuring Wide Dynamic Range Pro (WDR Pro) and Super Low Lux to provide clear images not only under contrasting light intensities but also in the darkness. Compared to standard 2 MP cameras which deliver 1080p at maximum 30 fps, GV-BX2600 achieves 60 fps under certain conditions.

Moreover, GV-BX2600 can intelligently process video analytics onboard—Intruder, Loitering, People Counting, Unattended Object, Missing Object, and Tampering Alarm—to identify motion, find and trace objects and even produce alarms on unusual activities.

1. The power adapter can be excluded upon request.
2. The signal range and data throughput may vary depending on the network conditions and environmental factors.
3. With the standard installation, the supporting rack is not included in the packing list.
4. GV-Housing103 only works with GV-Mount300-1, GV-Mount310-1, GV-Mount400-1 and GV-Mount410-1.
5. Specifications are subject to change without notice.