GV-Edge Recording Manager (Mac Version)

GV-Edge Recording Manger is a tool designed for recording management of remote GV-IP Cameras and GV-Target Cameras. It is an integrated interface from which you can assess live view, assign recording to NAS servers, enable recording, play back videos and view storage space without visiting each hostĀ“s Web interface. Any connection with hosts can be disabled without affecting or stopping the hostsĀ“ normal functioning.
GV-Edge Recording Manager also supports live view display and video playback of hosts connected to GV-Video Server, GV-VMS and GV-Recording Server.
Note: GV-Recording Server is not supported for playback at GV-Edge Recording Manager.
Assigning Recording to NAS Servers
Through GV-Edge Recording Manager, you can have GV-IP Cameras or GV-Target Cameras record to NAS servers and also view the storage information such as the occupied space and remaining space. GV-NAS Systems are also available at your choice.