GV-GPS Receiver

The GV-GPS Receiver can work with GV-System, GV-DSP LPR, GV-Video Server and GV-Compact DVR to perform GPS vehicle tracking. It comes with three types of models: UART, RS-232, and USB. Each model can only work with appropriate Hardware and Firmware version as described below:
Model Interface Baud Rate Compatible IP Device
GV-GPS UART UART 9600 GV-Video Server (GV-VS02A) Firmware Version 1.00 or later
GV-Video Server (GV-VS04A)
GV-Video Server (GV-VS14)
GV-Video Server (GV-VS04H) Firmware Version 1.04 or later
GV-GPS 232 RS-232
9600 GV-DSP LPR V2 / V3 Firmware Version 1.06 or later
GV-Video Server (GV-VS12) Firmware Version 1.00 or later
GV-Compact DVR V1 Firmware Version 1.52 or later
GV-Compact DVR V2 Standard Model
Firmware Version 1.00 or later
Anti-Vibration Model
9600 Anti-Vibration ACC Model
Firmware Version 1.05 or later
GV-Compact DVR V3 Anti-Vibration ACC Model
Firmware Version 1.00 or later
GV-GPS USB USB Connector 4800 GV-System Firmware Version 8.3.2 or later
Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.