Home Automation and Smart Home Control
The HZS (Z-Wave Sensing Device) series of PLANET Home Automation product family, based on Z-Wave technology, provides the advanced security system that protects your home and family 24/7. Easy operation and flexible configuration are the attractive features of our system; the simple one-touch button lets you program your regular settings according to your preference and operation mode. Worked with PLANET HAC-1000 Z-Wave Home Automation Control Gateway, you get the all-round and reliable home security services that we offer. Our full range of product lines ensure that you get all the devices you need for your home security system.
Vocal Smoke Alarm Horn
PLANET HZS-200 is a Photoelectric Smoke Detector whose alarm of 85dB will be triggered upon detection of smoke coming from a fire or other burning sources. The alarm signal is then picked up by PLANET HAC-1000 Control Gateway where you will be remotely alerted of the situation via mobile devices, such as smart phone and tablet. The quickness of the alert can certainly stop the situation from becoming worse, thereby protecting your home from the would-be tragedy.
Getting Started is as Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Via the Cloud Home App (including Home Automation Controller Pad and Control Gateway): Press Inclusion/Exclusion to include/exclude Z-Wave device.
  2. On the Z-Wave device: Press the Pair button to establish a connection with the control gateway.
  3. Users can enjoy and manage Z-Wave network right away.
Easy Installation and Convenient Status Indicator
The HZS-200 can be easily installed by ceiling mounted or wall mounted. It also provides various LED light signals for you to conveniently recognize its different statuses directly, such as standby mode, tamper switch alert, low battery warning and error detection, without logging in to its configuration interface.