PLANET IDL-2402 is a 24-Port ADSL2/ADSL2+ mini IP DSLAM with one 1000Base-T uplink Interface offering scalable and easy deployment for the network with small ADSL environment. With the built-in POTS splitter subscriber ports, the IDL-2402 has developed a cost-effective solution for network service providers to offer multiple subscribers excellent services.

Moreover, the IDL-2402 supports local and remote managed capabilities of CLI, SNMP, Telnet via RS-232 Console Port and Web GUI management interface. Via the user-friendly Web GUI, the IDL-2402 can be managed by workstations running standard web browsers that provide the easy-to-use operation and convenient maintenance.

To enhance the network security, PLANET IDL-2402 also provides features such as QoS, VLAN, Multicast, Bandwidth Management, Traffic Prioritization, and Access Control List. With the advanced QoS features, the IDL-2402 is an ideal solution for next generation broadband network to deliver rich video contents, DSL, POTS, and VoIP service over ADSL2+ connection.