PLANET IPX-1800N ISDN IP PBX system is designed and optimized for the SMB and SOHO daily communications. The IPX-1800N is the next generation voice communication platform for small to medium enterprises. Designed as an open, scalable, and highly reliable telephony solution, the IPX-1800N is able to accept 30 extension registrations, and effectively scales from under 30 users to as many as 50-user enterprises. Designed to run on a variety of VoIP applications, the IPX-1800N provides centralized call control, auto-attendant, voice conferencing, ISDN access, digital and IP-based communications. The IPX-1800N integrates 4 ISDN telephony interfaces to become a feature-rich PBX system that supports seamless communications between existing local calls, IP phones and SIP-based endpoints.

The IPX-1800N integrates telephony call processing, call control, voice mail, and a widely PBX application programming interface into a highly scalable architecture designed to support both the traditional circuit-based and the Internet telephony service within a distributed enterprise communications network. With the IPX-1800N, standard SIP phones can be easily integrated in your office, plus the auto-config feature, which may be integrated with PLANET’s IP Phone VIP-154T series, VIP-155PT, and the ATA (analog telephone adapter) series – VIP-156 / VIP-157 to build the VoIP network deployment in minutes.

The IPX-1800N in the daily business processes is allowed to distribute IP technology to meet traditional voice services with proactive management interface so that enterprises can make people more productive, make more intelligent tasks, and gain more customer satisfaction.