MicroBlade SDN Switch Module (MBM-GEM-001)

The 1 Gigabit Ethernet switch modules (part ID MBM-GEM-004 and MBM-GEM-001) include connection to the MicroBlade’s LAN interfaces. While MBM-GEM-001 and MBM-GEM-004 connect to the LAN interfaces onboard the Blade servers. These are layer 2 Ethernet switching modules also have two internal Ethernet paths to the MicroBlade Chassis Management Module CMM(s) to allow configuration and management of the switch.

The MBM-GEM-004 supports only 1Gb on downlinks, whereas GBM-GEM-001 supports 1 and 2.5 Gbs on downlinks. In addition GBM-GEM-001 has support for OpenFlow 1.x.