SC847BE1C/E2C/A/E16/E26* (Double-Sided Storage®)

Optimized for enterprise-level high-capacity storage applications, Supermicro’s SC847B Chassis features 36x (24 front + 12 rear) hot-swap 3.5″ SAS3/SAS2/SATA3 hard drive bays as server chassis or 45x (24 front + 21 rear) hot-swap 3.5″ SAS2/SATA hard drive bays as JBOD chassis in a 4U space. Or 44x (24 front + 20 rear) hot-swap 3.5″ SAS3/SAS2/SATA hard drive bays as JBOD chassis in a 4U space. The SC847B design offers high-density of HDD per space ratio in a 4U form factor in shorter space compared to its higher density brothers, high power efficiency, optimized HDD signal trace routing and improved HDD tray design to dampen HDD vibrations and maximize performance. Equipped with redundant high-efficiency 1280W (1+1) (Platinum Level, 95% efficiency), 1400W or 920W (Gold / Platinum Level) power supplies with PMBus functionality and I2C for enhanced power management, and 5 hot-plug redundant cooling fans, the SC847B is a reliable and hassle-free maintenance storage system, ideal for Archive, Streaming Storage, Cloud Backup, Data Replication, DB/File Server, Data Warehouse, Media/Stream Server, Video-on-Demand, Security Server, etc.