Supermicro Integration and Proof of Concept Laboratory Services

Rack Integration Services

Supermicro Rack Integration Services provides a “one-stop shop” for your data center needs. Our team has the confidence, flexibility, and expertise to handle all phases of your data center integration project. From requirements gathering to the delivery of a turn-key solution – and all phases in between – you can rely on Supermicro Rack Integration Services as your central resource for project success. With our extensive portfolio of server, storage, switch and rack products, we can provide a wide range of solutions with a focus on customer satisfaction, quality, and energy efficiency. Our global footprint, dedicated and skilled professionals, and integrated supply-chain will ensure you get what you need, when you need it, no matter where in the world you are.

Proof of Concept Laboratory Service

The Supermicro Proof of Concept Laboratory is an engineering facility designed to assist customers and partners with solution design, validation, certification, and benchmarking. Customers and partners can take advantage of Supermicro’s large server product line and extensive systems expertise to design and validate the solutions that best meet their requirements.

With the Proof of Concept Service, customers and partners can access a certain test environment either locally or remotely and run real application workloads. This guarantees a risk-free decisionmaking process to purchase Supermicro products.

Key Features:

• Consulting service on solution architecture design
• Test equipment including servers, storage, network switches, cabinets, PDUs, and power meters
• Rack space, power, cooling, networking, and VPN access
• PXE server with OS images and burn-in/testing tools
• Engineering support on installation, configuration and testing