Supermicro Server Management (Redfish API)

Redfish is an open industry standard specification and schema developed by DMTF (SPMF) group that specifies RESTful interface and utilizes JSON and OData. Supermicro is a promoter of this standard as part of its efforts to meet the systems management requirements for hyper-scale Datacenters solutions.

Supermicro will support Redfish RESTful APIs on its X10 Generation and future server product line. All the BMC firmware designated with 3.xx will support this technology.

Supported Methods

  • Read Requests (GET): The GET method is used to request a representation of a specified resource. The representation can be either a single resource or a collection. E.g., Get Temperature Reading
  • Update (PATCH): The PATCH method is used to apply partial modifications to a resource. E.g., change session timeout
  • Create (POST): The POST method is used to create a new resource. This request is submitted to the resource collection in which the new resource is meant to belong. For E.g., User Account addition
  • Actions (POST): The POST method may also be used to initiate operations on the object (Actions). For E.g., System Reset
  • Delete (DELETE): The DELETE method is used to remove a resource. E.g, Delete Event Subscription

Additional Information can be found in the user guide.

Note: Access to Redfish APIs or Web interfaces using Firmware 3.xx also will have https as default. If you disable https as default on WebUI, then access to Redfish RESTful API is disabled. Redfish features require SFT-OOB-LIC or SFT-DCMS-Single.

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