PLANET Unified Office Gateway series provides a total IT solution for the small and medium businesses (SMBs). It is integrated with commonly used office appliance features and provides Internet access, IP PBX, Fax / E-mail server, and data storage in one device. The UMG-2000 is the first model of PLANET Unified Office Gateway series and is equipped with built-in a 24-port Fast Ethernet plus 2-port Gigabit Ethernet switch, wireless access point, and 4-port FXO. It allows you to connect to various Internet and telephone carriers.

Via the 4-port FXO interface, the UMG-2000 provides a feature-rich IP PBX system that supports seamless communications between existing PSTN calls, analog, IP phones and SIP-based endpoints. Branch-to-Branch secured network and call features bring your remote offices together. The UMG-2000 facilitates sharing files safely between multiple office locations through secure channels. For VoIP functions, the users can call any extension from any remote location without paying local or long distance charge. Smart Wizard automatically adjusts your configuration and guides you through initial setup. The administrator can easily manage user accounts with privilege and access control.

In the storage feature, the storage volumes can be created for individual users and groups within the corporate. The UMG-2000 can also as Web and E-mail servers that are able to be set up with one mouse click. It provides schedule automated snapshot and backup tasks to prevent data loss. Besides the above functions, the extensive features include DMZ support, VoIP call control and Call Detail Record (CDR), Least Cost Routing (LCR), Busy Lamp Field (BLF), and Bridged Line Appearance (BLA), configuration backup and restore, secure remote management capabilities, and many more.

For more information, view product video on Youtube.