Ethernet Distance Extension via Coaxial
PLANET VC-202A is a high-performance Ethernet-over-Coaxial extender that converts between twisted pair (UTP) and coaxial cable for every kind of IP Ethernet application. It offers the absolutely fastest data transmission speed over existing coaxial cable without the need of rewiring. On the UTP side, the VC-202A uses a modular EIA / TIA 568 RJ-45 connector that supports CAT-5/5e or above wiring with the distance up to 100 meters (328 feet). On the coaxial cable side, the VC-202A utilizes a BNC connector that supports 50ohm or 75ohm coaxial cable with the distance up to 3km. It is ideal for extending the distance and signal conversion by transmitting the Ethernet data from the coaxial cable for any type of IP network device such as IP camera, wireless access point, NVR and digital signage.
Cost-effective / Quick Upgrade Legacy Devices to All IP Networks
PLANET VC-202A Ethernet extender provides a quick replacement and smooth migration solution from existing analog system to full digital system. For example:
• Upgrade analog camera to digital IP Camera
• IP Digital Signage deployment
• Cable TV to IPTVThe VC-202A is equipped with one RJ-45 and one BNC port to transmit the Ethernet data over the most widespread coaxial cable. Therefore, it is very suitable and costless for upgrading legacy devices to new digital devices of IP-based network because almost every house or block on the street could use the existing coaxial cable to transmit data to the Internet and the whole building could share the Internet line in the wide network area at a minimum cost. Reusing the existing cable instead of new wire can save extra wiring cost as the coaxial cable and Ethernet line are already available.Easy Installation
There are two selectable models of the VC-202A, one is used for client side (CPE) and the other is for central side (CO). The VC-202A converter is a plug and play device without the need of configuring by software and is also compliant with all kinds of network protocols. Moreover, the rich diagnostic LEDs on the front panel show the operating status of individual port and the whole system.Providing Superior Upstream and Downstream Transmission
The VC-202A defines asymmetric (Plan 998) and symmetric mode for the transmission of upstream and downstream signals. The symmetric mode provides similar transmission rate on both downstream and upstream. On the other hand, the asymmetric mode performs higher transmission quality in short range for central side (CO). In all, when the VC-202A is in symmetric mode, it provides better upstream performance, and when it is in asymmetric mode, it gives better downstream performance.

High Performance VDSL2 Solution