Cost-effective, High-performance PoE VoIP Phone
To build high-performance VoIP communications at a low cost, PLANET now introduces the latest member of its gateway family, the VGW-800FS enterprise-class 8-port SIP VoIP Gateway. The VGW-800FS provides added flexibility during migration to Unified Communications by supporting the traditional analog devices. These devices include analog phones, fax machines, modems, voicemail systems, and speakerphones. It helps the enterprises to save money on long-distance calls; for example, the remote workers can dial in through a Unified VoIP Communication System just like an extension call but no long-distance call charge would occur. The VGW-800FS also allows call to be transferred to anyone at any location within the voice system, which enables the enterprises to communicate more effectively and is helpful to streamline business processes.
SIP Standard Compliance
The VGW-800FS supports Session Initiation Protocol 2.0 (RFC 3261) for easy integration with general voice over IP system. The VGW-800FS is able to broadly interoperate with equipment provided by VoIP infrastructure providers, thus enabling them to provide their customers with better multi-media exchange services.
Enhanced, Full-Featured Business Gateway
The VGW-800FS is a full-featured enhanced business SIP Gateway that addresses the communication needs of the enterprises. It provides 8-line FXS interface which allows connection with 8-line analog telephone set to make or receive VoIP call over Internet or VPN network. This device is suitable for office PABX to enable to have VoIP call without changing cabling, dial plan and extension number.
The VGW-800FS supports all kinds of SIP-based gateway features and multiple contact filter functions, such as 24 SIP trunk accounts, both IPv6 and IPv4 protocols, flexible dial plan and route plan features, and switch of analog and VoIP signal to help both protocols to communicate efficiently.
Secure, High-Quality VoIP Communication
The VGW-800FS can effortlessly deliver secured toll voice quality by utilizing cutting-edge 802.1p QoS (Quality of Service), 802.1Q VLAN tagging, and IP TOS (Type of Service) technology. Using voice and data VLAN can easily separate the data and voice, thus maintaining the best quality.
Supporting Caller ID
The VGW-800FS supports caller ID function, helping users to identify calling number easily and verify number. It also helps to block anonymous call by filtering strange calls. In the figure below, the VGW-800 series includes the VGW-800FS and VGW-800FO. The FXS port of the VGW-800FS transmits Caller ID, while the FXO port of the VGW-800FO receives Caller ID. The Caller ID interoperates with analog phones, public switched telephone networks (PSTN) and private branch exchanges (PBXs).