PLANET WL-LTNA Lightning Arrester is a gas discharge tube featuring wide-band wireless operation up to 6GHz. The WL-LTNA has a built-in N-male (Plug) to N-female (Jack) connector for convenient deployment.

Due to its low-cost and superior RF (Radio Frequency) performance, the WL-LTNA is ideal for IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n wireless LAN applications. This arrester will pass DC; therefore, it is suitable for applications where DC is carried through the coaxiable cable such as remote amplifiers and LNA (Low Noise Amplifier).

The WL-LTNA can be deployed for a wide range of applications with its replaceable gas tube element, multi-strike capability and fast response time features. A ground lug and terminal is also provided directly on the lightning protector housing to provide superior grounding and protection.