Concurrent Dual Band and 11AC Wireless Range Extension
PLANET WRE-1200, an 11ac Dual-band Wi-Fi Range Extender with universal wall plug design, is case-shaped, thus making it easy to install and connects to your router wirelessly. The WRE-1200 supports Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and conforms to IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Dual Band standard technology; therefore, it can provide a wireless speed of up to 300+867Mbps which is 16x faster than the 11a access point at 5GHz frequency and 5.5x faster than the 11g access point at 2.4GHz frequency. With concurrent dual-band Wi-Fi transmission capability, the WRE-1200 is more flexible than the traditional repeater that only utilizes single band for range extension in that it can quickly and easily extend high-speed 11ac 5GHz and 11n 2.4GHz wireless networks simultaneously.
Eliminating Dead Zones and Doubling Wi-Fi Coverage
With the WRE-1200, Wi-Fi coverage can be doubled to the point where dead zones can be eliminated. Plug the WRE-1200 directly into an electrical outlet and double the signal coverage of your Wi-Fi network for better Wi-Fi quality across different rooms or multiple floors in your home.
More Flexibility and Mobility
The WRE-1200 can operate in various applications with the hardware mode DIP switch including AP, Repeater or Client, which helps to immediately set up a wireless network without software configuration. With various operation modes, it can be quickly deployed in any place without good wireless signal. Furthermore, it can extend the existing wireless network coverage by utilizing the dual frequency bands, which not only strengthen the Wi-Fi signal but also increase the efficiency of 11ac high speed at farther distance, thus providing better actual user experience.
One-touch Secure Wi-Fi Extension
In order to simplify security settings for home and SOHO network, the WRE-1200 supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS). Just push the WPS button and the secure connection between the WRE-1200 and the existing wireless router can be built immediately, which offers users a convenient and fast method to construct a secure wireless network.
Easy to Set Up with Compact Wall-Plug Design
Designed in the shape of a wall plug, the WRE-1200 is easily plugged into a wall outlet for wireless access in any place. With its brick-sized, integral male plug (Type of power pin required), the WRE-1200 takes the modern form factor that makes it easy to blend into any interior design.
Smart Signal-Strength Indicator
By observing the smart signal indicator, user can check the current signal strength and optimize the wireless performance with the WRE-1200, thus making your home entertainment devices wirelessly operational with ease.