IP Intercoms are based on the SIP protocol and enable mutual voice and video transfer, call transfer, and interoperability with other IP devices in the network. Intercoms are easy to install and connect to the already existing IP network or IP PBX. It offers great flexibility and better performance.

Intercoms’ primary function is to control access to the building or office and connect visitors with people inside. The design sends a message about your company to visitors; it contributes to your company’s image and, in an ideal case, should correspond to your company’s identity.

The IP Intercom System is integrated with IP CCTV systems, access control, gate barriers, IP Telephony, IP Telephony, parking management systems, and other systems that offer a high level of security. An intercom is a device that has to be resistant to the toughest conditions outside the building it protects, is completely functional in all circumstances, and is easy to use. Furthermore, it has to provide the highest possible security at the entrance to your facility.

Whether you need an audio or video intercom for an office or residential building, indoors or outdoors, we have an appropriate solution for you.