Licence Plate Recognition System is a effective and low-maintenance solution to ensure the security of the parking lots,which are prone to crime due to isolated and unsatisfied corners. In addition to providing high-resolution video monitoring and recording,the LPR system detects and Recognizes vehicles licence plates upon motion or I/O trigger.

LPR system is powerful addition to any security and parking application .Benefits includes a significant and positive impact on operational efficiency ,limiting corporate liability,improved costumer service ,increased productivity and accuracy,enhanced facility security and ability to automate billing process.

LPR system essentially combine a specialized plate reading camera with highly advanced software to automatically identify vehicles licence plates in a variety  of mobile and fixed installations.The management software then takes over by matching incoming licence plate read against a list of vehicle on the database.

LPR system can combine with IP CCTV surveillance,access control,parking management and gate barrier system for much innovative security system.