CV7-VA Series

PLANET CV7-VA is a video analytics software designed to transform your video surveillance network into a smart detection system. This software uses advanced image processing algorithms to recognize humans and objects. The algorithms are able to track the movements of objects, such as appearances, disappearances or loitering, and determine whether the movements are suspicious based on user-defined rules. Once a suspicious activity is detected, users can also play back to watch these events and use them as references or evidences if needed. In addition, this software also provides algorithms to count the number of objects or humans passing by a specific location. The CV7-VA helps you enhance your existing surveillance system while providing you with valuable information for business intelligence and management.
The CV7-VA offers robust, feature-rich video analysis functions, such as Line Crossing, Entering Area, Missing Object, Unattended Object, Tampering, Object Counting and People Counting.
PLANET CV7-VA is interesting in that those inactive video footages can be turned into valuable information. So, with the CV7-VA, the video surveillance can further enhance security. In addition, its video analysis functions are ideal for commercial use like people and vehicle counting. Thus, the application of the CV7-VA for business is limitless.