PLANET Cam Viewer 7-Lite (CV7L) is a next-generation surveillance product with scalability for PLANET camera video surveillance application. It enables users to easily create surveillance systems for medium or large area coverage by using multiple cameras and can control the surveillance system from a single PC to efficiently protect your property and life.
Cam Viewer 7-Lite helps users to monitor and record images/videos from multiple cameras simultaneously by using a single PC and able to operate up to 64 channels with advanced features such as event management and recording, smart motion detection, advanced PTZ control, and eMap.
The Smart Motion Detection feature can detect a motion area at pixel-wise accuracy based on adaptive temporal differencing. A surveillance-specific morphology operation is integrated to filter out noise and enhance motion area simultaneously. In the surveillance system, each camera has its own settings for recording, event, trigger, codec, resolution and quality. You have full control and flexibility to customize your IP surveillance products and system from a single workstation.
The recorded video can be saved on the PC hard disk. All the videos in the recording system are sorted by time. It supports cycle recording to rewrite the oldest video in the system and to make the recording system work more efficiently. It also supports cutting function that users can set the start and end time point to export the video without an additional editing software.