Suitable for Monitoring All Indoor Areas
PLANET ICA-M4320P PoE IP Camera delivers excellent picture quality in H.265 3 mega-pixel resolutions at 30 frames per second (fps). Users will benefit from reduced 50% bandwidth and data storage through more efficient video compression.
Incorporating the Sony super low lux CMOS image sensor and 20-meter IR illuminators, which are specially designed for surveillance applications, the ICA-M4320P provides sharp images under all lighting conditions. With the motorized focus/zoom, users can remotely adjust the focus and zoom from the Web interface. Also equipped with a P-Iris, it allows for precise control of exposure, producing images with better clarity and contrast.

Moreover, the built-in PIR motion detection sensor in the ICA-M4320P is helpful to enhance the security level. It is perfect for remote and discreet monitoring of indoor areas such as stores, banks, hotels, office lobbies and warehouses.

Clearer Images Delivered but Less Space Taken Up for Compression
The ICA-M4320P employs the H.265 technology to enable the camera to provide higher and more efficient image compression rates. If the same image quality level of H.264 is compared with that of H.265, the latter is able to save around 50% of bandwidth, meaning H.265 offers much higher quality video for less bandwidth. Thus, it can further enhance the overall performance of its IP surveillance system.
Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor
When people pass by or in an emergency situation, the built-in PIR motion detection sensor in the ICA-M4320P will “detect” and start recording automatically. It is able to detect movement as far as 6 meters away. When a motion is detected in a specified area, the administrator will be alerted via e-mail, and at the same time, the captured images of the situation will be uploaded to a designated storage server via FTP to enable the administrator to instantly view the images.
Smart Focus with P-Iris
The ICA-M4320P comes with the Smart Focus to make installation and adjustment easier by allowing remote focus and zoom adjustment. P-Iris function works by a stepping motor controlled via software to automatically provide the best iris position for the best exposure time in all lighting conditions.
Advanced Media Management
The ICA-M4320P supports a number of advanced features to enhance surveillance flexibility and event management capabilities. The advanced features include 7 configurable regions of privacy mask to protect personal privacy and external ports that allow accessories, such as speakers and microphones, to be added to the camera for two-way audio function.
Flexible Installation and Power Functionality
Powered from a PoE power sourcing equipment such as PoE switch or PoE injector over a network cable, the ICA-M4320P, adopting the IEEE 802.3af standard, does not need extra power cables and manpower, thus reducing installation costs while increasing deployment flexibility and scalability. The ICA-M4320P is ONVIF compliant and interoperable with other brands in the market. The ICA-M4320P is indisputably the ideal choice for reliable and high-performance surveillance.