Appropriate Network Security Solutions
The innovation of the Internet has created a tremendous worldwide opportunities for e-business and information sharing. It has become essential for businesses, thus bringing network security issues into focus. The request for information security has become the primary concern for the enterprises. To fulfill the demand, PLANET has launched the MH-2300 Gigabit Multi-Homing VPN Security Gateway to help the SMBs increase the broadband network performance and reduce the risks of potential shutdown if one of the Internet connections fails. It also supports the enterprises by building a secure network protection. For further IP compatibility, it supports IPv6 as well.
Cost-effective VPN Security Gateway Solution for SMBs
The MH-2300 supports most of the popular security features including content blocking to block specific URL, authentication, IPSec, PPTP VPN server/client, outbound load-balancing, QoS, time schedule, support group by IP, MAC and port; and more. Furthermore, it provides higher performance with all Gigabit Ethernet interfaces which offer faster speeds for your network applications. The Gigabit user-defined interfaces flexibly fulfill the network requirement nowadays, and the multiple WAN interfaces enable the MH-2300 to support outbound load balancing and WAN fail-over features. Built-in 25 IPSec VPN tunnels and 25 PPTP VPN tunnels are enough for about 50 companies. As a result, the VPN not only can configure trunk mode but also provide VPN fail-over, bandwidth multi-line consolidation and load balancing features which are a VPN redundant mechanism to always keep the VPN alive.
Improving Network Efficiency
Moreover, the MH-2300 has firewall, link redundancy, application control and other functions, so that the entire network system can be even better. PLANET MH-2300, the latest model of its kind, is closer to the application of the small-scale sector, using a 9-inch desktop silent fanless design, with five Gigabit user-defined ports (WAN / LAN / DMZ). The MH-2300’s economical price with complete cable management features make it an inevitable choice for the next-generation office network load balancer.The MH-2300’s built-in fully-qualified domain name (FQDN) can automatically resolve the IP address corresponding to all; you just type the URL that is able to manage the secure websites (HTTPS) like Facebook, YouTube and Yahoo.
The MH-2300 can connect multiple WANs with up to four different ISPs. It can create a stable and qualified VPN connection for many important applications such as VoIP, video conferencing and data transmission.