Ideal Solution to Storing More Videos
PLANET NVR-3685, a new H.265 IP surveillance solution, is designed to work with PLANET H.265/H.264 cameras or ONVIF cameras for chain stores, public places and other security monitoring applications. The NVR-3685 is a Linux-embedded NVR that can connect up to 36 IP cameras and supports 8 hard disks. The unit employs RAID 0/1/5 to optimize the process of securing data easily and quickly.
Besides, the NVR-3685 features dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, eMap, dual local display, e-SATA, and PLANET DDNS. Once the NVR-3685, armed with a complete surveillance equipment, detects any suspicious events, you will be alerted with alarm via email; FTP, HTTP and TCP servers; and more. The NVR-3685 is thus able to further enhance security within the premises to protect your property. Moreover, it is fully compatible with mobile app and Internet Explorer on Windows operating system for multi-platform remote access.
Bandwidth Saving
With H.265 compression technology and embedded with 8 HDDs design providing up to 48TB, the NVR-3685 offers over 30% more of recording capacity than systems employing H.264 compression. This advance gives users larger storage space for longer durations of video recording.
Location Management with eMap
The eMap function helps visualize the layout of IP cameras in the surveillance network enabling you to quickly identify the location of each IP camera, especially when an alarm occurs. Just upload the pictures of the monitoring locations and drag and drop the IP camera icons to the right place on the eMap.
High-resolution Local Display
The NVR-3685 comes with HDMI and VGA video output interfaces for dual local display. It can be connected to an HDMI monitor and VGA monitor separately, where live viewing contents or playback contents can be displayed simultaneously. With the dual local display function, users can monitor locally with high flexibility in a different display resolution, thus eliminating the need for a separate PC to view video from the unit. Besides, the NVR also can be operated with the USB mouse to configure and monitor all the system easily.
Real-time, Remote Monitoring
You are able to search and install Planet IP cameras via Web interface with more convenience and efficiency. Besides the Web interface, the NVR also supports aCV5 and iCV5 viewer app software for smart phone, so you can connect to the NVR anywhere, anytime.
Live View and CMS Administration
The Central Management System (CMS) of the NVR-3685 can manage up to 256 channels. With low bitrate transmission and unlimited group management, the CMS is able to view a maximum of 64 channels on one page and you may switch between groups to see up to 256 channels of live view or a maximum of 16 channels of playback on one page. The CMS of the NVR-3685 is good for chain stores via Internet, large installations in the LAN environment, or any environment where its control center is utilized to monitor via multiple NVRs.