High Speed Ethernet Connection via HomePlug Powerline
With HomePlug AV technology, the PLANET PL-751 Powerline Pass-Through Ethernet Bridge extends a high speed up to 500Mbps networking connection to any power outlet. With hassle-free plug and play installation, it enables users only to plug a pair of powerline adapters into the house power outlets, and then users can easily enjoy high definition video streaming and network transmission. No more tripping over tangled, messy wires running through your house, the PL-751 is an ideal solution to creating a wall-to-wall home network.Built-in Noise Filtering Power Socket
To efficiently make use of the power socket, the PL-751 is built-in with an extra AC power outlet with noise filtering feature. As a result, another device needing power can be plugged into the AC socket on the PL-751 directly without taking up another wall socket. While the appliances which use the powerline as communications medium will also contribute noise to it, with noise filtering function, the PL-751 can enhance powerline communications coverage in the home when its AC Pass Through outlet is in service.
Data Transfer Rate up to 500Mbps and Wiring Distance up to 300 Meters Wiring
With advanced HomePlug AV technology, the PL-751 provides users with stable, high speed data transfer rates up to 500Mbps on electric powerline length up to 300 meters. Therefore, the PL-751 can transmit multiple HD streams and even Full HD movies to every room, making it a great choice for easily building a multimedia entertainment network.
Securing the network connection with the touch of a button; no need to remember passwords
Simply by pushing the button on the PL-751, users can easily set up a hassle-free secure Powerline network within minutes. It provides 128-bit AES encryption for network security and data protection.
Getting started
Users can immediately access to the Internet via the PC / Laptop connecting to PL-751 by simple three steps:
1. Connect one Powerline Ethernet Bridge to your ADSL or Cable modem’s Ethernet port and plug it into the nearest power socket.
2. Plugs in the second Powerline Ethernet Bridge in your room or office.
3. Connect the PC / Laptop to the Powerline Ethernet Bridge by the network cable.
Reducing Power Consumption Up to 80%
The PL-751 consumes less power when comparing to the existing Powerline Ethernet Adapters. Moreover, when there is no Ethernet link, the PL-751 will automatically switch to the “Power-saving” mode that would reduce energy wasting by over 80%* when compared to the adapters without this feature.
*Actual data will vary depending on the network conditions and environmental factors.
Efficient Bandwidth Management by QoS (Quality of Service)
Quality of Service (QoS) is provided by the PL-751 enabling a network to provide better service to selected network traffic over various technologies. The PL-751 provides 5 priorities of QoS for quick setup such as internet, online game, IPTV, video and VoIP.